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Subject: Burgess Rolls, Gibson & Rogers lookup and shul in Islington
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2004 19:43:23 +0100

Dear List,

I just made a major jump in my search for my father's family and need some help! Without going into a whole story and after some detective work we now have a valid birth certificate.

We are trying to trace descendants of Zena ROSE whose family lived at Prebend Street, Islington, N1 around 1934. His birth certificate states her occupation as Milliner.

I am trying to see if Electoral registers exist for Islington 1934

After visiting the British Library site it seems that they don't hold Electoral registers for that year. The site suggests looking in

"Registers since 1832 and Burgess Rolls, Gibson & Rogers"

Does someone here have this publication and can look it up for me.

Also where would I find shul records as there does not seem to be a shul in the area these days?

Any Idea's

Russell Vaughan
Malaga, Spain