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My foray into family history started as a bit of a challenge and grew into a family pastime that Danielle and I enjoyed.

I started reading up and began to realise that as a Jewish family living in the UK it may be very difficult tracing distant relatives due to the history and movement of Jews in the past. In the small family I already knew, we knew very little about our great grandparents. What surprised me even more is that after a short time say 30 years, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews lose track of their family and in some cases never see that part of their family again. So became a quest to find about about these people and pass on what we collect.

We would like to collate and research each direct family branch in as much detail as possible by adding as much information that still exists photographs, documents and most of all your memories. Having only started recently, I am amazed how much stuff is available in the public domain.

The collection was built with the help of many cousins, uncles, aunties and friends

What Is This Site For?

The purpose of this site is to preserve our family history through standard genealogical practice and more modern techniques

  • Collecting original and copies of pictures and documents related our common families.
  • Sharing those pictures and documents to other family members via this website.
  • Locating and interviewing family members.
  • Building a searchable archive for future generations.
  • Trying to keeping in touch family members.

Please Help!

Don't throw away our family heritage!

Look through your lofts, attics and closets! check the garage and anywhere else for old letters, documents, photographs etc time is running out as valuable family history information that can be copied and shared may be rotting away.  You may have packed up a beloved relatives belongings when they passed away and have not gone through it since then. If you are reading this, now is the time to go through these valuables.

It's amazing what gets ruined or thrown away every day. Most people think these things may not be valuable to anyone. The things you may think are rubbish could be the only picture of Uncle Simon or a note with an address could lead to family history waiting to be discovered to those researching our family.

You can even get involed

Please let us know of any errors that you spot and I will amend the database or if you have any dates or information to fill in gaps or any other info that will help.

PLEASE let the me know by phone or email.

Notes are just that, leads to follow up, old notes and other peoples quotes. If you have questions or answers get in contact with me

The site is for family pleasure and designed not to offend if you find anything offensive let me know and it will be removed.

5 Tips for using this site

1 - Click the link that leads to your family.
2 - Use either the surname list or Name index to locate your family.
3 - Make copies of old documents and pictures to add to the collection and send them in
4 - Email any errors or corrections to me
5 - Enjoy

KEY - Dates with abt or bef in front shows the date needs confirming