Blue Flower

When I started our family history site it's main purpose was to both allow others to find us and allow family members to share what we had collected. In the early days (2002) there was both public and private areas and the site was updated every few months with new information we had collected. It had began taking more and more time keeping the website up to date. The original site in standing with other sites at the time contained a list of family names which (still today) allows others with the same surname to get in touch. Many new family connections have been made this way. Our research has uncovered lost Brothers, an Uncle, several cousins and an Aunt or two and we have been able to reintroduce cousins who (in more than one case) had lost contact years ago. Between updates I would talk to cousins, uncles, aunts and other researchers to gather more proof of our common ancestors existence.  All this new data lovingly added compared with what had already been collected and shared with other family members who often would remember more important family related stories. More research would enable telephone calls and emails to possible family members to see what they could add to the story.Between work, family and life the website became out of date pretty quickly so in November 2007 I started migrating our research to this a new format. A format that allows other family members to assist us managing and adding new data helping to keep the website to be up to the minute.This new site has a Whats new section where new information can be seen by regular visitors and they can feedback any memories or thoughts these new documents, photo etc bring to mind.You can find your family by the family name search, you can search photos and documents by family name. The site allows you to create your family tree by ancestors or decendants. In the places section you can type in an address and find the family that lived there and it has a really neat map feature where you can see where your ancestors lived. Family interviews and emails are added to the person they relate too. If you feel as I do that it is important to write down our family history then get involved.Help by adding stories, old pictures and any other old documents that may help.