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Phil Silverstone from Philadelphia

Are you researching the Silverstone family

As a fellow researcher you will understand the "BRICK WALL" So when I was handed a photograph of a handsome young man in his 20`s taken around the 20`s / 30`s. you can imagine how excited I was especially when on the back it says "Phil Silverstone from Philadelphia cousin to mum and Aunty Etty"

Phil Silverstone from Philadelphia

I have spent several hours researching this family name and as yet made no connections with a silverstone family that was in Philadelphia around that time

Mum was my grandma Faye Donofsky her mother was Rachel/Rouchal. To be honest Rachel is a bit of an enigma. She went by several names Cohen, Zietman and Donofsky she may have had a brother called David. From what I was told she went from Warsaw, Poland (possibly 82 Grzybowska, Warsaw) to England in 1908.

The photo was given to me by an aunt who was given it many years ago by Aunty Etty,

I have posted it on my website so that someone researching their SILVERSTONE family may recognise phil and get back to me.

It´s s along shot I know but the brick wall is a hard place.

Thanks for looking.

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