Blue Flower

My young daughter was frustrated with sending Saturdays with her grandma not because she did't like spending time with her grandma but because grandma was on a mission do family research at The National Archives at Kew "Every Week!" and spending two hours on a tube and 4 hours sitting in a dusty research library (although she like all the photo copying)

One day she came back Kew and said she was bored with going to the same place every time she saw grandma and you're in computers dad can't you help grandma with her family tree so i don't have to go to Kew?

So early in 2002 I started building a family tree of all my mums known relatives around 134 as i remember and we knew all of them, when i showed it to my mum she said she was shocked with the amount of detail it contained dates and places of birth, marriage and death, newspaper clippings, cemetery photos, translations of forgne texts